Our Mission:

Inspired by our vision of a culture of care, it is our passion to create products that smell amazing, are skin healthy and cruelty-free. 

Our Purpose:

We hope to encourage the love of feeding your skin and feeling good about the products you're allowing to enter your body. 

Our Story:

Prissy Potions was created by Alexandria — a young mother who has a passion to create potions that smell absolutely wonderful and catering to her Potionette’s and Potionmen’s skin health needs. 

“I have always been self conscious about what I’m putting not only in my body by mouth, but what I’m putting in my body literally—in my skin. Many people get hung up on believing that clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle will “save” you from bad health conditions. Several others use cheap products without having a clue of the several harsh ingredients that may be in them. 

Simply put, that’s far from the truth! Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and so we have to remind ourselves about the products we’re feeding our skin when we bathe every day. We have to invest in our skin! 

"When I created Prissy Potions, I felt a love that was new and exciting. I was eager to learn and create more." 
The passion I have for creating, and the satisfaction of my customers is what motivates me. I love seeing them happy, smelling great, feeling confident knowing their expectations were exceeded and their skin health needs are met. It brings me immense joy to my soul. And it shows in every single potion. 
So, I have a question:

Are you ready to make your skinvestment?”