What does Natural Skincare Really Mean?

What does Natural Skincare Really Mean?

Natural skincare products have risen to the forefront of the skin care world. Whether it be moisturizers, face masks, serums, or sunscreens, the skin care industry has seen more people become interested in going all-natural.

There are plenty of great reasons to begin using natural skin care products. Studies have found that natural ingredients such as plant extracts were a safe and cost-effective alternative to synthetic products. Not to mention, the plant extracts were also found to be beneficial to skin, too.

If you’re looking to add more natural products to your skin care routine (or if you’d like to embark on an all-natural skin care routine, we have some of the best natural products to add to your daily regimen.

What does it mean for skin care to be natural?

Natural could mean naturally occurring, naturally derived, or nature-identical. This is one of the reasons we advocate for our Potionette’s to check the ingredients of their products.

What is the difference between naturally occurring, naturally derived, and nature-identical?

While they are all similar and can be easily confused with each other, naturally occurring, naturally derived, and nature-identical are not the same things.

  • Naturally occurring. An ingredient is considered to be naturally occurring when it’s found in nature and is used in its natural form, with no further treatment or refining. Raw honey and crushed flowers are examples of naturally occurring additives.
  • Naturally derived. These ingredients need to be treated in order to access particular properties of the raw material. For instance, extracts of raw fat or coconut oil, often used in moisturizers, are treated before being added to a product.
  • Nature-identical. This means that the ingredient has been produced in a lab and is chemically identical to a natural product. Sorbic acid, for example, is originally derived from rowan berries, which contain vitamin C.

How we choose the best natural skincare products:

At Prissy Potions, we're always looking for new and innovative ways to bring you the best in vegan and cruelty-free skincare. Our products are handmade to ensure quality with long-lasting scents, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin. So why settle for ordinary skincare products when you can have the best? 


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