This is my favorite scent! This body butter does wonders. I put it on after my showers and after I wash my hands and it keeps my skin supple and smooth. throughout the day. Great when battling dryness and overall moisturizing. I try to carry one with me at all times. - Potionette Jameelah 


Irresistible Benefits of our Whipped Body Butter: 

  1. Highly Moisturizing 
  2. Anti-inflammatory 
  3. Helps relieve itching and dry skin from eczema/psoriasis 
  4. Fades dark marks & spots 
  5. Relieves Joint Pain 
  6. Softens Skin 
  7. Relieves Burns 
  8. Restores Skin Elasticity 
  9. Calms Irritated Skin 

Whipped body butter is a type of oil-based cream that doesn't incorporate any water as a lotion would, thereby resulting in a thicker, more reliable moisturizer, especially for dry skin. 


What is your whipped body butter made of, and is it safe for sensitive or eczema prone skin?


Our handmade whipped butter is strongly recommended for those with sensitive skin & dry prone skin conditions like eczema and/or psoriasis.  

How it works: Shea butter and coconut oil are the main ingredients in our whipped butters. We have done extensive research on how shea's anti-inflammatory properties help soothe skin and relieve itching, while coconut oil works as a moisturizer to seal moisture into the skin. This may prove especially helpful for inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. 


Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Fragrance, Color. Cruelty-FREE. Gluten FREE.  

  • Vegetable Based | Cruelty-FREE 
  • Excellent Moisturizing Properties
  • NO Parabens 
  • NO Soy
  • NO Alcohol 
  • NO Formaldehyde 
  • NO Sulfates 
  • NO Phthalates 
  • NO Phosphates 


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