First let me start by saying I have extremely sensitive skin. Most scented moisturizers break my skin out which causes itchiness and dryness. The night I used the whipped body body I felt an immediate difference. My skin has never been as silky smooth! It’s sooooo moisturizing and the smell!!! The smell is amazing. Very fragrant but not overpowering. Definitely can smell it in on my skin all day long. -Potionette Antonya

3 Things You Can do to Relieve Eczema Today: 


Take a Hot Bath: 

Hot water is an old school trick and was a staple for curing many illnesses back in the day. It is surprisingly effective against almost any itch. There's a few ways hot water can help relieve itching caused by eczema. You can run water from the faucet over the itchy area, or apply a hot compress to cover those places that are hard to reach.

Our favorite: take a nice hot bath to sooth your entire body. The relief may last for a couple of hours or longer. Heat overloads the nerve network so effectively that the urge to scratch is abolished for hours. Relief usually comes within seconds.


Apply a Thick Moisturizer: 

Retaining moisture and preventing your skin from becoming too dry are two very vital goals, especially when you have severe eczema. You should moisturize your hands and arms each time you wash them. It is always best to apply a thick moisturizer or cream so that it can be easily absorbed into your skin throughout the day and the moisture lasts for hours. 

We get it, it's easier to just apply Vaseline and be over it. However Vaseline is not vegan. Although, it claims that it does not use any animal-derived products and doesn't test its products on animals, but, it's suppliers do. Which makes the overall product not entirely an option for vegans. 

Our recommendation: Try any of our whipped body butters which all help to: 

  • relieve dry, itchy skin
  • moisturize deeply throughout skin layers
  • make you feel smooth and smell great all day long 


 Think Positive: 

Emotional stress doesn't cause eczema, but it can ignite certain eczema symptoms. The body naturally releases a hormone called cortisol when stressed, which can essentially increase inflammation throughout the body, therefore causing an eczema flare-up. 

Our recommendation: Clear you mind and relax with a prissy candle. We have done extensive research on how the smell of a scented candle stimulates the part of the brain that can uplift your mood. 


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