The Filthy Five:

5 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Skincare Products 

1. ParabensParabens are a prevalent ingredient in many everyday skincare and hair care products. You’ll see them listed as Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Benzyl, Butyl, Isobutyl or something similar. Parabens are known to cause skin cancer, irritates skin, and cause allergic reactions

2. PhthalatesThis chemical is found in places such as the lining of aluminum cans or plastic bottles, and is used to retain scents but is widely linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. Just like parabens, phthalates can mimic estrogen, which can inadvertently cause issues for innocent babies that haven’t been born yet.

3. Sulfates - If you see anything with the letters SLS or SLES in the ingredients list, throw it to the wolves! The sad truth is this ingredient is in a lot of products, which makes it a challenge to ditch. It is a powerful skin, eye and lung irritant. It is not an ingredient you want to be putting on your skin at all. 

4. Formaldehyde - Lots of skincare and beauty companies include traces of  formaldehydes in their formulas to prevent the growth of bacteria. While it does a good job destroying the growth of most bacteria growing inside of cleansers, body washes and other beauty products, it can prove harmful to the immune system and can cause severe allergic skin reactions

5. Phosphates High phosphate levels have been linked to kidney disease, intestinal inflammation, decreased bone density, heart conditions and even premature death. So to put it simply: say no! 

Grossed out yet?

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